Customer Service Center Accessibility

Tnuva Group, the leading food company in Israel, which has been deeply enmeshed in Israeli society for some 85 years, has over the years been continuously involved in community activity, out of an awareness of the different groups and sectors of the population and cognizant of their various needs.

Tnuva Group and its customer service center are proud to be the first in providing an accessible telephone service to the handicapped population.

The Accessible Customer Service is a typical telephone and internet service center, which gives services to people with disabilities.

Under the professional guidance of representatives of the “Israel Accessibility” non-profit organization, the telephone service has been adapted to provide a response to people with special needs, such as those challenged with hearing and vision difficulties, emphasizing each customer’s needs.

For your convenience, we have adapted the font size in the Accessible Center’s paper correspondence, and the information is sent in easily-opening envelopes. The voice mail system has an answering service channeled directly to the Accessible Center where announcements are adapted to the needs of those with hearing difficulties.

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