Tnuva warmly cherishes IDF soldiers, as part of a long tradition of concern for our soldiers during times of war, as well as adopting various units on a regular basis. As part of this tradition, in March 2009 Tnuva Group began the “Adopt a soldier” project, where we adopted the Flotilla 3 commandos, a missile boat unit of the Israeli navy.

“Adopt a soldier” is a project of the Soldiers Welfare Association connecting commercial companies with combat units through a moral, supportive and assisting adoption, which also includes a three year financial contribution as well as cultural activity, recreation and welfare for the soldiers.

We have seen with our own eyes the young fighters bravely going out to sea at any time and in any weather, guarding our homes day and night, and by fulfilling their duty enabling us to go on with our daily routine. Each time anew, their military service evokes in us appreciation and pride in the volunteering spirit, dedication and contribution beating in the hearts of these young people.

From our position on dry land, upon solid earth and ground, we decided to enlist for the benefit of the navy commandos. We promised to accompany the fighters closely, be involved, caring, loving, embracing, with every resource we can offer whenever needed, out of good will to contribute to their welfare and uplift their spirits.

The remoteness from the family home of each one of the fighters, the pressure and the intensive missions of the sea commandos create a shared experience of one family. We in Tnuva are happy to join this family.

“Adopt a soldier” project allows us to remind the fighters of the cherished taste of home, also when far from home, through our products sent to their vessels to indulge and embrace them with warmth and love, and to tell them each morning anew: “We thank you for every day you spend guarding our homes in Israel!”

We are proud of Tnuva Group’s employees who have joined us and volunteered over the years in joint activities designated for the soldiers of Flotilla 3 and the company’s employees.

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