Tnuva was established 90 years ago and its roots are interwoven with the Zionist settlement enterprise and its activities, expressed in agricultural and industrial development of food in the country. As the leading food company in Israel, whose sites are dispersed the length and breadth of the country, Tnuva employs about 6,500 employees and impacts on additional circles in the fields of the dairy, agricultural and industrial economy.

In light of our many years of activity, we feel a commitment to strengthening the society and community in which we operate, and as such have chosen a number of fields close to our heart which represent the outlook behind the phrase “growing up in an Israeli home”.

“Growing up in an Israeli home” is a concept built from a mosaic of physical and emotional experiences and memories of the private homes of each one of us, together creating the larger picture, which is a common, overall experience of growing up in an Israeli home.

The emotional experience of “the home” is associated with smells and tastes, traditions and values, while the experience of growing up is also associated with nourishment and particularly the food products present in every Israeli home: milk, eggs and cheese.

The Tnuva Group sees fit to realize the value of giving and concern for the other in various ways:

*In 2010 we initiated the “Grow well homes” project, and launched the first “Grow well home” in Kfar Gvirol, in Rehovot. Since the first house in Rehovot established, were established about 6 other houses: Kiryat Bialik, Haifa, Ashkelon, Tamra, Nazareth and Ofakim.

*Contribution on an ongoing and fixed basis of food products to non-profit organizations that assist needy families.

*Adoption of Flotilla 3 unit, in the context of “Adopt a soldier” project.

We are proud of our employees, who engage in various voluntary activities throughout the year, enabling us all feel up close the valued and significant work and involvement in the community.

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