As a leading food corporation representing an inseparable part of the Israeli home, contribution to the community has accompanied Tnuva’s work throughout its existence and empowers the social responsibility as a value for the entire group, inviting its employees and management to give with all their hearts in this sphere.

In 2011 Tnuva inaugurated the social flagship project – “Grow well home”. The project is managed in cooperation with the Matnasim Company (Community Recreation and Sports centers) which brings its professional know-how, involvement in the community and an approach of public responsibility, and with the aid of the advertising company “McCann Erickson”. A “Grow well home” is a recreation and entertainment center for children from birth to age 6 and their family members.

A “Grow well home” provides access to activities both geographically and economically to needy populations, and grants them new opportunities in various spheres that enrich the child, the parent and the entire family unit.

The innovative project includes a wide range of recreation and enrichment activities in the cognitive, motor, art and value fields. A significant part of the activities offered to the population is given free of charge or for a set token payment.

The first “Grow well home” was established in “Kfar Gvirol” neighborhood, Rehovot, in the old Matnas building which was adapted for the activity by the Rehovot municipality and is operated by the “Chavayot” Matnasim Chain in Rehovot. In the second half of 2011 two additional homes were launched with the help of local councils in the Tzur Shalom neighborhood of Kiryat Bialik, operated by the Matnasim Chain of Kiryat Bialik, and in Kiryat Sprinzak in Haifa, operated by the Leo Baek Matnas. Today thousands of children and their parents participate in the activities every month.

In 2012 the fourth home was launched in the Shimshon neighborhood in Ashkelon in collaboration with the Ashkelon municipality and the Matnasim Chain, and in 2013 the fifth home was launched in Tamra, representing the first home of its kind in the Arab sector.

The Tnuva Group intends to continue to establish “Grow well homes” throughout the country in peripheral neighborhoods and towns where activities such as these are not available to the relevant population. “Grow well home” gives concrete expression to a significant social value, and a real and direct connection to Tnuva’s brand concept, “Growing up in an Israeli home”. “Grow well homes” are dispersed countrywide and Tnuva’s employees are involved in the activities as an integral part of the voluntary activities for the benefit of the community we initiate.

By establishing a “Grow well home” in these regions, we hope to assist children from poor areas to reduce the gaps compared with children growing up in more affluent areas in the country. We shall contribute to enriching their world and provide them with the tools to grow better.

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