Yuval Tseiri appointed VP - Information Systems in the Tnuva Group

  • Yuval Tseiri appointed VP - Information Systems in the Tnuva Group, replacing Yankeleh Rabinowitz who is retiring after 32 years at Tnuva
  • 10-07-2013

Arik Schor, Tnuva CEO, announced today the appointment of Yuval Tseiri as VP – Information Systems of the Tnuva Group, following Yankeleh Rabinowitz’s announcement of his retirement.

Yuval Tseiri, born in 1966, with a BA in Economics and Computer Sciences and an MBA in Business Administration, has worked Amdocs since 2007, and his last position was VP RMCC in the Delivery Division. In this position, he managed the global body specializing in the development and implementation of billing systems.

Before that, he managed for about 5 years the Global-IT unit of Amdocs Israel, the U.S., India, and Europe. Yuval served as CEO of Tesnet Israel, a company specializing in software testing and software quality assurance.

Yuval is a former officer of “Mamram” and a Major in the IDF reserves, and is married with four children. He will begin the overlap period in September 2013.

Arik Schor, CEO of Tnuva, thanked Yankeleh Rabinowitz for his work over 32 years in various capacities in information systems until his final position as VP - Information Systems where he served for about five years: "Yankeleh was a partner in installing advanced technological infrastructures at Tnuva, and led to improvement in its capabilities in the area on a group-wide basis.

Among the major projects he led were the establishment of a system for consolidating Group financial statements, the establishment of a corporate ERP infrastructure, upgrading and replacement of the CRM system, and more. I would like to thank him on behalf of the whole Tnuva family for being our long-term partner, his performance, and his connection with Tnuva over the years".

As for the appointment of Tseiri, Schor said: "Yuval brings with him extensive and diverse experience in a variety of areas of information systems. The Tnuva Group faces many challenges and having an advanced and professional information systems division is of the greatest importance. I am confident that his extensive experience and knowledge will contribute to the continued development of information systems in Tnuva".

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