About Adom Adom

“Adom Adom” company was established in the Beit She'an Valley in 2004, with the aim and vision to create a revolution in the fresh beef market in Israel.

The company, part of the “Tnuva” Group, strictly adheres to quality production according to the highest standards in the country.

The quality is maintained throughout the process, beginning from raising the cattle under constant supervision and the best conditions, with close veterinary supervision while maintaining rich nutrition. These conditions give the meat its choice taste and high quality.

The quality chain is maintained also during slaughtering, koshering and packaging of the products at the plant. The process is under strict supervision of the Israeli Chief Rabbinate, the veterinary services, the Ministry of Health, and other supervisory bodies.

The meat is treated skillfully by the best butchers using advanced and leading technology in the world and in its field.

Furthermore, throughout the process there is strict adherence to protecting the environment and separation of waste.

The range of “Adom Adom” cuts is available at the butchery or in the supermarket.

“Adom Adom” doesn’t stop innovating:

- For the first time in Israel, “Adom Adom” has introduced select and kosher rear cuts into the chains and supermarkets.

- Self-service cuts – packaged products with a 21-day shelf-life. Simply select a cut at the butcher and take it.

- Quality hamburgers and kebabs from “Adom Adom”, fresh and choice cuts, ground and frozen can be found in the supermarket freezers.

“Adom Adom” wishes you an infinite number of tasty and delicious meals, with quality, soft and juicy meat.


Oven Roasting
Frying & Stir-frying
Grilling / Barbequing