About Tnuva Chocolate milk

From now on, there’s no longer any need to hesitate whether to allow the child to indulge in a tasty cup of chocolate milk.

New! Tnuva Chocolate milk
A wonderful taste which children love
as well as the only one with 96% milk and 30% less added sugar
so that parents are satisfied.

One cup of Tnuva Chocolate milk provides the children with:
40% - recommended daily calcium consumption
40% - recommended daily vitamin D consumption
66% - recommended daily vitamin B6 consumption
30% - recommended daily protein consumption

Why especially Tnuva Chocolate milk?

  • Contains more protein, calcium and vitamin D
  • Contains less calories, carbohydrates and sugar
  • Low fat – 2% fat
  • Low lactose – contains up to 0.5% lactose (tenth of lactose content in milk)
  • Low sodium
  • Contains vitamin B12 found naturally in the milk


Chocolate milk family Package
Flavored milk family Package
Chocolate milk Personal Package
Flavored milk Personal Package
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