About Sunfrost

Sunfrost is the leading frozen vegetables company in Israel. Sunfrost produces a wide range of frozen vegetables, mixed vegetables, and soups.

Our Vision

  • The company’s central objective is customer satisfaction and health.
  • Due to the health benefits stemming from the increased consumption of vegetables, Sunfrost has set its sights on increasing the consumption of vegetables per capita in Israel, including frozen vegetables.
  • Sunfrost will work to innovate and supply quality, healthy, safe, tasty and easy-to-use vegetables.
  • Sunfrost will do its utmost to ensure a comfortable and safe environment for its employees.
  • Sunfrost will act according to standards of honesty and integrity with its customers, suppliers and employees.


Sunfrost was established in 1970 as a partnership between “Clal Industries” and American entrepreneurs. In 1998 Tnuva acquired the holding control of the company from “Clal”.
Thanks to the quality of the Israeli vegetable and the quality production processes, Sunfrost has been marketing, almost since its establishment, to the leading chains and brands in the world.
In marketing to these customers, Sunfrost is obliged to meet high quality standards. Consequently the consumers in Israel also enjoy the especially high international standards which have been assimilated into the company. The company owns a plant for processing and freezing fresh vegetables – among the most innovative and advanced in the world. It has a large staff of production personnel and a spectrum of experts in the fields of agriculture, food technology and quality control and assurance.

As a leading company in its field, Sunfrost stresses innovation in developing products and packaging, strengthening its brand, maintaining its status and increasing the consumption of the entire category.

Policy of Quality

Sunfrost is committed to a policy of high quality and meets strict standards, among them:

  • ISO 9001:2008 international quality management standard, ensuring that the organization supplies products that meet the requirements of the customer/consumer and law.
  • ISO 22,000: management of food safety systems standard for organizations in the food chain, in accordance with law requirements of European Community countries, the FDA and the USDA in the United States, and additional bodies.
  • BRC British food safety standard adopted by the European Union, a system based on identifying and managing risks.
  • OHSAS 18001: standard for management of safety and hygiene in occupation, that deals with monitored management of all components of the organization’s activity affecting employee occupational safety, health and hygiene.
  • EUREPGAP: standard concerns fresh unprocessed agricultural produce, required by the various marketing chains in Europe. The standard ensures the maintenance of high standards of the quality of raw material. The farmers growing the produce for Sunfrost are licensed for this standard.
  • Producing from nature

    Sunfrost’s vegetable processing plant is located in Migdal HaEmek, in the heart of the farming region supplying most of the vegetables. The vegetables are picked at their peak – in terms of taste, texture, color and nutritional value. The vegetables are transferred to the plant within a very short time after the picking, and are frozen in a fast freezing method, which maintains the qualities of the fresh vegetable. The process begins in the agricultural department, where seed species that yield select vegetables suitable to the country’s growing conditions are chosen. This department also checks the vegetable growers – those farmers through whom Sunfrost ensures the growing and cultivation process of the vegetables.

    The experts in Sunfrost’s agriculture department accompany the vegetables throughout their entire growing period in the field, and guide and supervise the farming process, including sowing, irrigating, fertilizing, spraying, picking and transporting to the plant. The agriculture department is also responsible for the spraying policy and spraying times, and conducts strict laboratory tests to check for remains of the sprayed chemicals and the quality of the irrigation water. When the picking season approaches, the vegetables are checked daily, in order to decide the optimal time for picking.

    Picking time

    “We make sure to pick every vegetable in the optimal growing season, when it’s at its peak in terms of taste, texture, color, and nutritional values.”

    The vegetables are picked in the early morning hours, after the plant advises that it is ready to absorb them. From this moment on a “race against time” begins, with the aim of minimizing the time span between picking and freezing.

    Preparation for freezing

    The vegetables undergo a short process of preparation for freezing in the plant, including washing, peeling, cutting, optical selection via an automatic system that allows removal of damaged vegetables with the help of computerized cameras, untouched by human hands, and a short scalding. Immediately afterwards, fast freezing and packaging is carried out using sophisticated and advanced equipment. Throughout the process, no preservatives or food coloring are used.


    Freezing close to the picking time allows the preservation of the nutritional values of the vegetables in their frozen state, as close as possible to the values in the recently picked vegetable. The preparation of the vegetables in the home is of great significance too concerning the final content of the essential nutritional components. The shorter the cooking process, the more the vegetable’s nutritional values are preserved.

    Sunfrost offers its customers clean, cut and ready for cooking vegetables, available throughout the year.


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