About Yoplait

In December 2001 Tnuva launched the international yogurts brand in Israel and introduced it to consumers.

New – Yogurt which is not only healthy but delicious too!

The tasty yogurt, with its pampering supplements and awesome and exceptional range of tastes, quickly made the brand a phenomenal success. The wide range of tastes which Yoplait has been offering over the years has won considerable approval among the community of Israeli consumers.

Over the years Yoplait has expanded and today extends to all yogurt categories: fruit yogurt, diet yogurt, white yogurt, yogurt with pampering supplements, babies’ delicacies. Recently yogurt drinks have also been successfully introduced.

Alongside the brand’s expansion, its success over the years is also based on innovation which it brings to the yogurt shelf with special series such as Yoplait Mousse, Yoplait Negiot, and others.

Yoplait. We have come to enjoy.

About Yoplait Shtoozim

Yoplait shtoozim is Yoplait’s babies and children brand. The brand was born in December 2009 with a selection of sweet fruity cheeses. Following its huge success, the brand continued to grow and in 2011 a selection of whipped cheeses depicting a witch whipping the world was also launched.

Yoplait Shtoozim products are especially adapted for toddlers: a smooth and easy to eat texture, products rich in calcium that combine white cheese, BIO yogurt and fresh fruit.

In addition to the products being tasty and healthy for toddlers, the range also combines pleasure in the experience of eating, and brings to the table a content world full of humor and fun – a world of Shtoozim.

“Shtoozim” = nonsense in rhyme, a content world built on a series of books, tapes and shows, created by the author Datya Ben Dor.

This is quality and educational content, combining humor and enjoyment. When the world of Shtoozim meets the Yoplait brand – tasty Shtoozim are born especially – the fast flying strawberry, the banana wearing a bandana, the vanilla playing the flute… Yoplait shtoozim continues to surprise with new products and flavors especially for toddlers!


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