About Tnuva Cottage Cheese

Tnuva cottage cheese was born in 1962, and led to a significant change in the cheese category.

In those days, cottage cheese represented a unique product unheard of until then, but over the years, thanks to its beloved taste, it has become a leading product on which whole generations and numerous families “grew up”. Ever since, close to 50 years later, Tnuva cottage cheese appears as a fixed item on the table in almost every home in Israel, and has become the most sold cheese in the country.

Its adaptation to the Israeli taste and palate, as well as the memories it evokes for all of us, have made it the object of yearning among Israelis living abroad, and an inseparable part of the Israeli identity.


Cottage Cheese
Cottage with less sodium
Flavored Cottage


About Tnuva White Cheese

One of the brands most identified with every Israeli home is Tnuva’s cheeses, the “cheeses with the house”. From cottage cheese through white cheese, Tnuva cheeses are the most popular in Israel.

Tnuva’s white cheese is served at supper, breakfast and as a sandwich for school.

Tnuva’s white cheese is produced from milk and salt, with a range of fat percentages, package sizes and kosher authorizations. Tnuva offers a wide range of products: low salt white cheese, with olives, from goat’s milk, and cheese with a taste of nostalgia produced traditionally.

Cream Cheese
Cream Cheese- 5% fat