About Tnuva’s Eggs

Tnuva, the largest and most veteran egg marketer in the country, has recently led a revolution in the egg sector – a revolution resulting in an increase in the range of types of eggs and packaging offered to the consumer, while stringently maintaining the standard of quality.

Tnuva has set the highest standards of quality throughout the chain of handling eggs and is the first marketer of eggs in Israel licensed with the ISO 9002 international quality standard. These standards ensure effective and controlled processes, adhering to supply schedules, and particular attention to transporting this delicate product.

Tnuva’s eggs are known for their quality, freshness and reliability due to a quality selection process ensuring an intact eggshell and fresh egg. In this process the eggs are collected solely from farms approved by the Egg and Poultry Board and are delivered to the sorting stations. Each egg is checked and sorted under strict supervision and stamped with the farm’s name, egg size and expiry date. Following this, the eggs are packed automatically and distributed to points of sale, while adhering to continuous refrigeration throughout the process.

Tnuva views continuous improvement of the product’s quality and service as a central pillar in its activities. Accordingly, we offer a wide range of products:

  • Fresh eggs
  • Fresh eggs – Omega
  • Fresh eggs – organic
  • Fresh eggs – free range Egg products for the institutional market

These products come in packages of 6, 12, 18, 20, and 30 eggs. This large range of package size addresses the various needs of the consumers.Tnuva will continue to serve the egg consumer public and supply the best products with uncompromising quality and reliability.

Several facts about the Israeli egg market:

  • About 1.7 billion eggs are produced and eaten in Israel per annum.
  • The eggs sector is supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture, which determines both the egg allocations to be produced and the price at which the eggs are to be sold to the consumer.
  • The Egg and Poultry Board is the single body authorized to grant a marketing license, and the marketer is the connecting link between the egg producers and the points of sale.

Several facts about Tnuva:

  • Tnuva is the most veteran and largest marketer of eggs in Israel, with about 30% market share.
  • Tnuva provides service to about 900 egg producers from whom it collects the eggs.
  • The eggs are sorted at two large sorting stations in Haifa and Petah Tikva, in addition to several smaller sorting stations across the country, and are distributed for sale through three distribution sites: in Haifa, Petah Tikva and Eilat.
  • Tnuva has scores of trucks designated to transport the eggs from the farms to the sorting stations and from the sorting stations to thousands of points of sale and commercial customers, while maintaining the refrigeration chain.
  • Tnuva is partner in “Cham 2000 Food Industries” which produces egg products for the institutional market, and sells a range of products in Israel and abroad.


XL 20 Package
L 12 Package
L 18 Package
Package For Organic Eggs L 12
Package For Organic Eggs - 2 sixes L 12
Package Eggs Omega L 12