About Harduf

Kibbutz Harduf is located in the Galilee close to the settlement of Shfaram. The kibbutz was established in 1982, with the aim of creating a new community where communal life would flourish out of a continuous dialogue with its members, and creating joint ecological social initiatives which would contribute to the settlement’s members and the rest of the surroundings. One of those initiatives is “Harduf organic food produce”.

The association with Tnuva began in 1998 when Tnuva sought to market organic milk. Today, Tnuva produces, markets and distributes a range of organic dairy products under the brand Harduf, which it produces at the Harduf dairy located at Kibbutz Harduf. The milk is received by the dairy from the only organic cowshed in Israel.

Pastry products, groceries (pastas, Goren, etc.), fruit and vegetables are marketed under the Harduf brand by “All Organic” company.


Organic Cow Milk 3% Fat
Organic Whole Goat Milk 3.6% Fat
Organic Whole Goat drinking Yogurt