About Maadanot

Maadanot is the leading company in Israel in the field of frozen pastries. The company develops, produces and markets bakery products in the following categories: pizzas, burekas (filled pastry), Yemenite products and various frozen dough products. The Maadanot plant is located in Gan Yavne where all Maadanot’s products are produced. In leading the market in the sphere of frozen pastries, Maadanot has set its goal in supplying tasty quality products at the highest level, while strictly maintaining stringent and meticulous production standards.

The company’s development

Maadanot was established in 1981 by Sunfrost, Elite and Osem. Until 1998 Maadanot operated broadly in the market of frozen food products and produced a wide range of products, beginning with ready meals, through frozen soups and up to bakery products. In 1990 Maadanot was taken over in its entirety by Sunfrost.

1998 was a year of change. Sunfrost and its subsidiary Maadanot were acquired by Tnuva. Since the acquisition the company has embarked on a different path, and decided to focus on and specialize in the field of frozen bakery products.

Extensive resources were allocated to upgrade the production and development process of a range of new products: the first stage focused on taking the lead in the field of burekas and flaky pastry, which included expanding the range of products from two to ten types of burekas! In the second stage, the company took upon itself a complex production challenge and decided to enter the field of frozen pizzas. With a substantial investment in sophisticated production lines, Maadanot took the lead in this category.

To complete the process of investment and upgrading in the production fields Maadanot underwent a marketing revolution. The company’s new look and excellent products line had to reach the customer with clear and distinctive values with a big and realistic consumer promise. Maadanot was the first to leverage the fact that its products are baked at home and served hot to family and guests, and “served with warmth” became the company’s slogan, stressing the physical heat of the product as well as the emotional warmth which the brand creates at home.

In addition to the home warmth, the brand is unique in its additional values – high quality, taste, freshness and innovation. Every year, Maadanot launches new products in various categories and invests in the development of new products and in raising the level of quality and taste of the marketed frozen baked products. The company has created new standards of quality and innovation and today prides itself in being a modern and dynamic organization, operating according to a clear strategic vision, charting for itself new objectives and challenges.

Quality policy

Maadanot has etched on its banner a policy of quality and meets stringent standards, among them:

  • 2008: ISO 9001 standard of international quality management ensuring supply of products that meet the requirements of the customer and the law.
  • 2005: ISO 22,000 standard of safety in food management, based on identifying and controlling production and transportation processes, so as to ensure production of a product safe for consumption.
  • OHSAS 18001 standard for management of safety and hygiene in occupation, that deals with monitored management of all components of the organization’s activity affecting employee occupational safety, health and hygiene.

Facing the future:

The company operates a research and development division aimed at realizing the dreams and desires of its customers, and an operations division that uses the most advanced production and quality assurance technologies in the world, allowing mass production in a short period with strict adherence to the product’s quality and uniformity.

The company’s distribution division ensures speedy day-to-day access to each one of the thousands of points of sale spread throughout the country and reaching the customers across Israel. The company has set a goal of continuing to lead market share in the categories in which it operates, a leadership expressed by acquaintance with the local market and providing a quality and relevant response to the consumers.

Looking to the future:

We at Maadanot do not believe in standing still. Our goal is always to diversify and surprise you. To renew and innovate.