About Mama Of

The brand “Mama Of” was born in December 1999 at Tnuva. The brand includes chilled, fresh ready to eat poultry products, produced in the advanced plant “Tnuva Galil” in Kiryat Shmonah. The “Tnuva Galil” plant also produces for the institutional market and among its customers are McDonalds, Burger Ranch, and leading café chains.

“Mama Of” has quickly become one of the favorite brands of the Israeli public, and in polls it was awarded especially high awareness – 92% of the Israeli public recognize the brand’s products and it is directly associated with the values of “quality”, “meticulousness ”, “freshness” and “home taste”.

The brand identity

Due to a change in lifestyle, there is a significant rise in the consumption of readymade food products and consumers are looking for easy, fast and simple solutions. In addition, consumers naturally attribute great importance to the quality of the products they eat – taste and freshness.

We at “Mama Of” realize that every mother wants to give her children and family only the best, and therefore only at “Mama Of” are all the schnitzels made from 100% chicken breast, without the addition of monosodium glutamate, without preservatives and without artificial food coloring.

Innovation and Renewal:

Together with the increase in consumption of readymade food products, the consumer has begun searching for variety, causing the company to concentrate most innovations in this sphere. We at “Mama Of” are continuously engaged in developing new products for our customers.

The development of products at “Mama Of” is a long and complex process comprising numerous development stages, including taste tests and checking with the consumers, until reaching the optimal product in taste and quality while maintaining the strictest quality standards in Israel and in the world.

All “Mama Of” products are strictly kosher under the supervision of Rabbi Zfania Drori of Kiryat Shmona.


A cutlet for every occasion
Snacks Chicken
Eating smart
Extra thin
Making mealtime fun
Schnitzel delight
The best combination