About Tnuva Milk

Since its establishment in 1926 and until today, Tnuva is identified with milk and milk is identified with Tnuva. One of Israel’s nostalgic symbols is Tnuva’s milkman and his milk can. In the days when there were no supermarkets and the grocery stores still hadn’t installed refrigeration, Tnuva’s milkman would come to the home doorstep and pour milk from the fifteen-liter can into the housewife’s saucepan.

Over the years Tnuva milk has been changing and improving its packaging, tastes and uses, and it continues to accompany the consumers faithfully – with quality, availability and health. In 1985, fresh milk was first marketed in cartons and shortly afterwards in cartons with plastic tops. Apart from nostalgia, the sense of safety that Tnuva milk gives its consumers is one of the foundation stones upon which its power rests. Whether in a can, bag, carton or bottle, Tnuva milk will always be there – fresh, quality and of course – healthy.

A carton of Tnuva milk is the most sold food product in Israel.


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