About Olivia

From a pip removal machine to a plant for sauces, spreads and other good things

The story of Olivia is the personal story of the food engineer, Yoel Benesh, founder of Olivia. During a visit to the United States, Yoel came across a delicacy he had never tasted before – olives stuffed with anchovy. Perhaps it was the rich olive oil that honed his thoughts or the spicy anchovy that goaded him into action. However on his return to Israel he resolved to restore to Israel the aromas and tastes of the Mediterranean Sea, and to add an international culinary richness combined with various and assorted blends.

The mixer in the Benesh home worked overtime and sweet and spicy aromas wafted through the surroundings. At first the anchovy was replaced with hot sauce, and soon afterwards the superb olive spread was born. The first two products were a huge success. A visit to a food exhibition in the United States revealed the potential inherent in the delicacies with special blends and an international range of tastes, and the orders started pouring in.

The company “Olivia” was established in 1990. In 1996 the plant in its renovated form relocated to Even Yehuda, with 25 skilled and dedicated employees, 65 products and hundreds of thousands of faithful customers in Israel and abroad. Today, Tnuva’s strong backing enables Olivia to maintain the same original and unique quality, and continue its perseverance in developing new assorted tastes and uses.

Not just taste

The unique blend of tastes is what makes Olivia’s culinary experience an experience of extraordinary taste, with special blends resulting from its expertise, culinary curiosity and our incessant aspiration to reach the perfect taste: An exciting mixture of flavors of vegetables and spices with traditional authentic tastes, exotic tastes from the East, Mediterranean spicy flavors, aromas and tastes from all over the world in special and surprising combinations: sweet with sour, spicy with sweet, delicate with spicy, hinted with dominant. Exciting blends which make every meal more than “just another meal”.

Harmony of tastes and aromas

Olivia traverses the world for you. We believe the more varied the food, the greater the enjoyment. Therefore we have collected the most delicate of tastes from the world’s finest cuisines, adding a lot of creativity and imagination and thereby creating assorted new combinations for every meal, event and palate. With Olivia’s selection everyone can find his or her own taste experience.


Why crush garlic and dry tomatoes when Olivia’s products are so convenient? As the basic products we use come directly from the field, you receive all the freshness in convenient packaging. Open the packaging….and a natural aroma floods the kitchen. Simply add to each dish, and you have cooked a gourmet meal! This is the charm of Olivia’s products – our quality products are so easy to use, that you are free to invest all your culinary creativity in cooking and enjoying the dishes.

Expertise – the taste comes from experience

Olivia’s chef team and food technology personnel are international experts in food engineering and gourmet cuisine. The team headed by Yoel Benesh has investigated the best of the world’s tastes and developed unique premium products. We believe that the quality and taste of the products derive from freshness of the basic products as well as our chefs’ culinary specialization.

Passion – to live the taste

All that we do originates in a craving for gourmet dishes and therefore each product is a delicacy. A fair dose of sensitivity for each recipe and trust that only true passion, incessant curiosity and love for what we do enable us to offer special blended and interesting products as a celebration of body and soul.

Therefore, we in Olivia believe that there’s no such thing as “just a meal”.


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