Welcome to the website of Tnuva (Tnuva Central Cooperative for the Marketing of Agricultural Produce in Israel Ltd. and any corporation controlled thereby, within the meaning of control in the Securities Law).

The site provides information and services relating to Tnuva's business and products.

Use of the site constitutes agreement to the terms of use specified in these terms of use and on other pages on the site. It is clarified that the terms of use may change from time to time.

Any reference herein to the masculine gender also imports the feminine gender and vice versa, and any reference to the singular also imports the plural and vice versa.

The section headings in these terms and conditions are for convenience purposes only.

The services on the site

The site provides information regarding Tnuva's products. It is emphasized that the current detailed information regarding the products is the information printed on the packaging thereof.

The site presents considerable information regarding food and nutrition, opinions of experts in these fields and various recommendations of authorities on these fields. It is clarified, however, and emphasized that the information and advice provided on the site constitute general information only. This information is no substitute for examination and advice by professionals. This information should not be deemed as a diagnosis or professional (medical, nutritional or other) opinion or recommendation for treatment. In any case of concern of a medical or nutritional problem, you should consult with a doctor or nutritionist.

The site provides information and content relating to Tnuva's business and products, which are mainly intended for the consumers. The site provides, inter alia, information on a variety of events in Tnuva's life and on its various brands, and surfers can also respond to various posts on the site. The posting of responses on the site is subject to Tnuva's sole discretion.

The site allows surfers to participate in varied activities relating to Tnuva's products, including promotions, posting of recommendations, opinions and complaints regarding products, uploading of recipes and ideas for new products, referral of questions, customer service and contacting us.

Use of the site

Each surfer is invited to use the site, subject to agreement to and acceptance of these terms and conditions. The aforesaid notwithstanding, Tnuva may prevent or limit any surfer's use of the services on the site, at its discretion and for whatever reason, without being required to give reasons therefor.

The site may only be used for non-commercial purposes.
Tnuva owns the rights to the site, including any and all content and services thereon, including the copyrights and intellectual property rights. No use shall be made of the said content and services, including the trademarks posted on the site, for any purpose whatsoever, without Tnuva's express consent.

Any surfer who delivers content to be posted on the site confirms, by the fact of delivery, that he holds the rights therein and is entitled to deliver the same to be posted, and that he bears full and sole responsibility for any link, presentation or posting of such content.
By delivering content to the site, the surfer authorizes Tnuva to make any use thereof without consideration.
No content shall be delivered to the site which is offensive to a person or group, inciting against a person or group, calls for or encourages violence, encourages racism or wrongful discrimination, is pornographic or intended for adults only or which is illegal or the posting of which is illegal or which encourages illegal activity.
Use of the site by minors requires their guardian's consent. Content delivered to be posted on the site by minors which includes details which may reveal their identity, their address, the school they attend, their e-mail address and telephone number, require the approval of their guardian.
No link shall be made to the site from any site containing pornographic content, content which encourages racism or wrongful discrimination or content which is illegal or the posting of which is illegal or which encourages illegal activity.

The surfer undertakes, by the fact of use of the site, to indemnify Tnuva and anyone on its behalf for any damage, loss, loss of profit, payment or expense that they shall incur due to a breach of these terms of use or due to any claim, suit or demand that shall be made against Tnuva and anyone on its behalf by a third party as a result of content delivered by a surfer to be posted on the site or any use that he made of its services.

Content delivered by surfers for posting on the site

It is clarified that content which is delivered for posting on the site by surfers does not express the opinion or position of Tnuva, and the posting thereof is no assurance of the validity, reliability, accuracy or lawfulness thereof. Surfers who deliver content for posting on the site are required to ensure that the content and the posting thereof are lawful.

Without prejudice to the generality of the aforesaid, it is emphasized that it is prohibited to deliver for posting on the site –

  1. False, misleading or distorted content;
  2. Content which prejudices or violates property rights of others – including copyrights and trademarks;
  3. Any pornographic or blatantly sexual content;
  4. Content which pertains to and identifies minors or their personal details, address or contact information;
  5. Any computer software, computer code or application containing a virus, including malware known as Trojan horses, worms, vandals, malicious applications etc.;
  6. Passwords, user names and other details which allow use of computer software, digital files, websites or services which require registration or payment, without such payment or registration;
  7. Any content which defames a person, violates his privacy or harms his reputation;
  8. Any content which personally identifies other people, without their consent having been given to the posting of their identity;
  9. Any content which is harassing, offensive, hostile, intimidating or vulgar;
  10. Any content which encourages racism or wrongful discrimination on grounds of race, ancestry, skin color, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, occupation, sexual orientation, illness, physical or mental disability, faith, political opinion or socio-economic status;
  11. Any content which encourages the commission of a criminal offense or which may constitute grounds for civil liability or legal action;
  12. Any content which may mislead a consumer;
  13. Any content of an advertising or commercial nature which is unrelated to Tnuva or its products;
  14. Any content, access to which is blocked in any manner (such as through a password) to the site's users.

Privacy policy

Tnuva respects the surfers' privacy and takes the measures necessary to protect it.

Some of the services on the site require registration. Upon registration, the surfer is asked to provide personal details such as first name and surname, year of birth, gender, home address, e-mail address and telephone number. The mandatory fields will be explicitly marked. Such services may not be used without providing the information requested in the mandatory fields.

Upon performance of actions through the site, the personal details that the surfer provides will be recorded. The surfer is required to provide correct, accurate and full details and, by the fact of use of the site, confirms the validity of the details provided. It is clarified that erroneous or incomplete details may preclude the surfer from using services on the site or interrupt the use thereof, including prevention of the possibility of making contact with the surfer.
No personal details of a third party shall be provided without his explicit consent. Where the surfer is asked to choose a user name and password, he is required to keep them confidential in order to prevent misuse thereof.
The surfers' details that shall be stored on the site's computers in the course of use of the site shall be used to –

  1. Allow the surfer to use services on the site;
  2. Identify the surfer in repeat entries to areas on the site which require registration;
  3. Control the current operation of the site and improve and enhance the services and content offered thereon;
  4. Make contact with the surfers and mail messages and information.

Tnuva shall not forward the details of the said surfers to a third party other than in the following cases:

  1. When required for the proper operation of the services on the site;
  2. In the case of a breach of the terms of use of the site or performance of actions on the site which appear to be illegal or appear as an attempt to perform such actions;
  3. In the event that there is a lawful duty to provide the details;
  4. In dispute resolution proceedings, including in court, between Tnuva and the surfer;

Surfers are advised that Tnuva takes any and all steps required to protect the data on the site. However, there is no way to absolutely prevent any possibility of unauthorized access to the site's computers.

Links on the site

The site may contain links to various sites on the internet. It is clarified and emphasized that the fact that the site provides links to these sites does not imply to Tnuva's consent to the content of such sites and is no guarantee of the reliability, correctness or validity thereof or of the privacy procedures of such sites and any other aspect relating to the operation thereof. Tnuva is not responsible for content to which the links refer and is not responsible for any result that shall be caused by use thereof or reliance thereon.
Tnuva does not undertake that the links on the site will work at all times and will refer the surfer to an active website. Tnuva may remove from the site links included thereon in the past, or refrain from adding new links at its absolute discretion.

Intellectual property

Any and all copyrights and intellectual property rights to the site, the services offered thereon and any content included therein belong to Tnuva or others who have authorized Tnuva to use the same.
No use shall be made of the said content without Tnuva's prior, explicit and written consent.
Tnuva does not claim ownership of content that you deliver to be posted on or through the site. However, when you deliver content to be posted as aforesaid, you confirm by the fact of delivery thereof for posting that you own all of the rights therein and that you are entitled to deliver the same for posting. If you are not the creator or the holder of the rights in the content that you are delivering to be posted, you confirm that you hold lawful authorization from the owner of the rights allowing you to deliver the content for posting and to grant usage rights therein as specified above and below. Tnuva will bear no liability for any damage caused as a result of a violation of rights of the holders of the rights in the content. You bear full and sole responsibility for any link, presentation or posting of content made by you, and undertake to indemnify Tnuva for any damage caused as a result thereof.


Use of the site is made at the surfer's sole and full responsibility.
The content on the site is offered for use As Is – the content cannot be adjusted to the needs of each surfer, and surfers shall entertain no claim, suit or demand against Tnuva for unsuitability of the content to their needs.

Tnuva does not warrant that content and services of third parties, including of content and service providers and of users, if posted on the site, are full, correct, legal or accurate or will match the surfers' expectations and requirements. Tnuva bears no responsibility for any consequence that shall derive therefrom or from use thereof or from reliance thereon.
Tnuva does not warrant that the services on the site will be provided without disturbance, in order or without interruption, will certainly be provided and be error-free, and will be immune to unauthorized access or to damage, impairments, faults or failures in the hardware, software or communication systems, at Tnuva, the site's operator or any of Tnuva's suppliers.

Modifications to the site

Tnuva may modify changes to the site, at any time, at its discretion, without giving prior notice.
Surfers shall entertain no claim, suit or demand against Tnuva in respect of such modifications or faults that shall occur during execution of such modifications.
Without derogating from the aforesaid, Tnuva may discontinue, at any time, provision of the services on the site, in whole or in part.

Tnuva may revise, from time to time, these terms of use. If material revisions are made to these terms of use, notice shall be posted thereon on the site's home page.

Governing law

These terms and conditions are subject to Israeli law only.
The competent courts in the Tel Aviv and the Center Districts in Israel shall have sole jurisdiction to decide any dispute involving these terms of use.